Bubba Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Bubba Kush Marijuana Strain Review
Growing Bubba Kush (Photo The Nug)

The Always Appreciated Bubba Kush.

The Bubba Kush is one of the more flavorful and aromatic marijuana strains around, making it one of our favorites. Whether you’ve had it before or are trying it for the very first time you are in for a real treat.

Bubba Kush is said to have emerged in the mid to late 90’s. According to folklore it was brought about by an OG Kush that happened to pollinate an unknown indica strain from New Orleans, (although some say it was the Bubble Gum strain). The name itself conjures images of Louisiana and was appropriately named after the breeder who developed it, ‘Bubba’.

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The indica strain, Bubba Kush has a tight bud structure that is covered in dense crystals, with hues of dark and purplish green cresting its tips. The strain has a unique and very pungent aroma that is closest described as a fruity and earthy spice which is accompanied by a thick and rich smoke that has longstanding flavor.

It has a lasting and tranquilizing effects which calm nerves and relax muscles. Making it a great choice for relieving chronic aches and pains. Bubba Kush may also be effective in reducing anxiety, stress, appetite disorders, and providing insomnia relief.

Though growing the Bubba Kush produces a yield that is typically lower than other Kush varieties, the rewards certainly are not. For those cultivating this strain you can look forward to being rewarded with beautiful, thick, dense buds that are covered in large crystals. The Bubba Kush is better suited for indoor growing due to its shorter stature and will do very well utilizing a SOG (sea-of-green) method. Taking cuts off this strain is easy and they generally thrive due to its stocky stems which have ample rooting nodes.