OG Kush Marijuana Strain Review

OG Kush Marijuana Strain Review
Growing OG Kush (photo KindReviews)

The substantial OG Kush.

The strain OG Kush could be considered an originating marijuana strain as it makes up the genetic backbone of many popular cannabis strains seen today. However despite its ubiquity, the genetic origins remain a mystery. As is the case with many Kush strains, popular myth maintains that the Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush helped give rise to this essential strain. Although most do agree that the OG Kush first came about from seed stock in the early 90s its roots remain in question.

The name itself is often the topic of a fiery debate. With some believing “OG” stands for the popular term original gangster, while others attest it stands for ocean grown, and more still maintain that it really stands for outdoor grown. We’re going with ocean grown kush, (wink wink, Hawaii). Regardless of what acronym you want to use there is no denying that it is a highly sought after strain which has been an ancestor to many other notable varieties, some of which include Tahoe OG, SFV OG, and Alpha OG.

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OG Kush is considered an indica dominant hybrid strain and normally has dense smaller flowers. The bud itself is an earthy green color with bright orange hairs and is frosted in a blizzard of amber trichomes. The OG gives off a fragrance that consists of deep sour lemon and pine with earthy undertones. It also has an aroma which lingers and carries over into the flavor profile nicely.

The OG Kush has a high potency level that is immediately noticeable. If you are in need of a stronger cannabis strain this should be on your list. OG Kush has heavy effects and is heralded for its sedative properties and ability to relieve stress. Patients who use OG Kush most commonly cite improvements in migraines, ADD and ADHD disorders, as well as stress reduction.

Growing the OG Kush has a flowering time of around 8 weeks depending on the time of year. While in a vegetative state the strain grows rapidly and then goes on to fill in nicely, producing dense flowers. The OG Kush can be grown indoor but is best suited for outdoor cultivation. It is known to be a tough strain and like most Kush varieties does have an average yield.