Marijuana Brownie Recipe The Easy Way

How To Make Marijuana Brownies

Guide to making those “special” brownies we’ve all heard so much about.

Looking to bake some marijuana brownies? Want to find the best pot brownie recipe? Well you’ve come to the right place, here’s a guide on making pot brownies the quick and easy way, using a store bought mix.

Now, we’re not going to just grind our dried herb using a coffee grinder and then mix it into the batter and throw it in the oven. If we did that we would wind up with a not very tasty, and grainy textured brownie. We would also have no idea of how strong the brownie batch is going to be either. So let’s do this the right way.

Step 1: Measure the serving size potency

Before making your marijuana brownies you’ll want to plan out how strong you want to make them. Always be sure not to make your brownies too strong. Fortunately by using a little real world math we can easily figure out the approximate THC potency of your brownies.

To properly calculate the dosage of you brownies, and if you haven’t already, read our previous article on how to calculate your marijuana recipe’s dosages. You can use this same formula to help calculate the right dosage for all of you marijuana recipes, whether it’s marijuana brownies, cannabis cookies, or something on the savory side.

Step 2: Prepare you marijuana butter

The main ingredient you’re going to need before mixing up your brownies is cannabutter or canna-oil. While many prefer to use cannabutter in their baking marijuana recipes, canna-oil is another good option. For a great cannabutter recipe check out our article on how to make the best cannabutter on the planet.

Step 3: Prepare you marijuana brownies

With your cannabutter ready to go, simply follow the brownie box recipe, our favorite is super chocolate chunk. Substitute the indicated amount of butter or oil for an equivalent amount of softened cannabutter or canna-oil.

Substituting butter or oil in a brownie recipe is perfectly fine to do, as they are interchangeable. Most agree that using butter instead of oil will also give you a richer tasting brownie.

Step 4: Enjoy your fresh baked brownies

We recommend eating just a small amount at a time until you are comfortable with the affects from each serving size.